The Hyperice App + HyperSmart™ technology

The Hyperice App

The ultimate personal trainer 

Transform the way you move and do more of what you love with the Hyperice App. Powered by HyperSmart™, the Hyperice App helps you get the most out of your Hyperice products through expert guidance, personalized routines, and the added motivation you need to unlock the best version of yourself.

HyperSmart™ syncs your physical and digital activity to create an experience entirely customized to you. It combines advice from our team of scientific advisors with information from your daily activity and other health and fitness data, including Strava, Apple Health, and Garmin, to create personalized recommendations that are fully in tune with your body’s needs.

Operate your Hyperice Bluetooth® devices  

Pair your Bluetooth® connected Hyperice devices, start a routine, and let HyperSmart™ do the thinking. Tap into curated routines, including contrast therapy sessions for the Hyperice X and professionally programmed Normatec sessions, and enjoy automated speed setting control for select, connected products in the Hypervolt and Vyper lines.

Knowledge and insights from the world’s best

Explore warmup, maintenance, and recovery routines from the world’s best athletes and follow along as they guide you step-by-step. Get wellness insights from leading health professionals, including physical therapists, sports medicine professionals, and elite trainers, all designed to help your body and mind be at their best.


HyperSmart seamlessly blends your physical and digital activity to consistently guide you toward optimal wellness.

With unrivaled expertise, our Human Performance Advisors created a proprietary algorithm that HyperSmart uses to interpret the data from wearables and physical activity, starting with Apple Health and Strava to prescribe routines exactly for your needs.

The more you interact with HyperSmart, the smarter it becomes. Recommending specific routines just for you for pain relief, improved flexibility, and optimized performance, reflected in your HyperSmart Score.

The HyperSmart Score is a powerful, easy-to-understand metric designed to encourage you to use your Hyperice devices more consistently and appropriately before and after your workouts and for general wellness.

By analyzing your Hyperice app profile and wearable data, including your workout routines, the duration of your workouts, types of activities, and steps, HyperSmart can evaluate and recommend the best warm up and recovery routines for you.

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