Operating your device (Hypervolt Go)


  • With your hand on the handle, press down on the power/speed button with your index finger. Hold for three seconds until the LED band (bottom of handle) illuminates and release. Your Hypervolt Go is now ready for use.
  • Choose your desired speed (1-3) by pressing the power/speed button once per speed. The blue lights on the bottom of the handle will indicate speed setting.
  • To power off, simply hold the power/speed button down for three seconds.
  • Please note that your device will not operate while plugged into the charger 

Changing attachment heads

Only change attachments after speed setting is turned to off and head attachment stopped moving. To change head attachments, pull the existing head attachment straight out to remove and insert the desired head directly into the opening while pushing firmly. 

Cleaning and storage

Make sure the power is OFF and the battery charger is not attached. Use a damp, clean, cloth and gently wipe your Hypervolt 2. Store in a clean, cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight, when not in use.

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