How do I care for my Normatec 2.0?

Your Normatec 2.0 is extremely durable and has been designed to survive normal wear and tear. You can clean your machine and attachments by wiping them down using a damp, clean cloth and drying them thoroughly with a fresh cloth or towel.  

For the most optimal experience during your treatment and to help preserve the zipper, be sure to zip your attachments all the way up before starting your recovery routine.

Once your routine is finished, you can detach the attachments from the hose and gently squeeze or fold them together to allow the air to escape and help them fully deflate.

If you're using the Hip Attachment, do not over-tighten the buckle before your session. Over-tightening the buckle will put stress on the straps as the attachment begins to inflate during treatment. 

We recommend storing your device and attachments in a clean and dry location, preferably lower to the ground where it's not at risk of falling.

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