Safe Buying

Tips For Safer Shopping

The common practice is to remember that if the price looks too good to be true, it probably is. However, somebody who sells counterfeit products often promotes them at just below the normal retail price so you presume you're simply receiving a great deal. So the price is important, although it's not the only thing you need to think about.

Authentic Hyperice Product:

Counterfeit Hyperice products are poorly made and don't provide the same performance that makes Hyperice stand out from other electronics. To make sure that you buy authentic Hyperice technology, not counterfeits, shop with one of Hyperices' Authorized Retailers.

Spotting Fakes/Counterfeits

  • The counterfeit products and their packaging are very close in appearance to genuine Hyperice products, but they do not meet the high standards of performance found in genuine Hyperice technology. Counterfeiters go to grand lengths to make their products look like genuine products.
  • They apply serial numbers to the products that copy genuine Hyperice serial numbers to make them look authentic. It is very difficult to distinguish fake products from the real ones.

Protect yourself:

  • The only way to be sure you're buying genuine Hyperice technology is to buy directly from Hyperice or a Hyperice authorized partner. To make sure that you buy authentic Hyperice technology, not counterfeits, use these three ways to protect yourself:
  • Buy direct from Hyperice. is the official Hyperice distribution website for residents of Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific and its territories. If you wish to purchase a product now, be confident that you will receive a genuine Hyperice product.
  • Contact our HyperCare team to inquire whether a dealer is authorized. If you reside in Australia or New Zealand, Chat,or email us at

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