Clean, care, and travel (Hyperice)

  • After use, rinse the Ice Cell inside and out with cool water and air dry - avoid washing with soap and rubbing 
  • After the Ice Cell is dry, store in a cool, dry place.
  • Each Hyperice device comes in a protective casing tube that is ideal for storing and/or carrying.
  • Do not expose the Ice Cell to direct sunlight and/or heat, as the UV rays can damage the medical grade material.
  • Do not fill the Ice Cell with anything other than ice.
  • Works best with crushed ice, ice nuggets, or our Hyperice Fuel, our reusable synthetic ice. Crushed ice, ice nuggets, and especially the Fuel will conform to the body better than large cubes.
  • The Hyperice wraps are machine washable, although it is not necessary to wash after each use.
  • Wash the wraps only as needed.
  • If using the Fuel, this does not need to be removed from the Ice Cell. Simply put the entire Ice Cell (with the Fuel inside), in your freezer, until your next treatment

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