Operating your device (Hyperice)

Instructional videos:

How to Use - ICT Knee

How to Use - ICT Shoulder

How to Use - ICT Back

How to Use - ICT Utility

  • Fill the Ice Cell 2/3 with ice or our Hyperice Fueldo not add water. Crushed ice or small ice nuggets work best with all ICT products.
  • Place the Ice Cell on a flat surface and flatten out removing as much air from the Ice Cell as possible before securing the cap 
  • Insert the Ice Cell into the Compression Wrap.
  • Place on the body and apply the compression straps to the desired level of compression.
  • Lightly press the Air Release Valve to remove air from the Ice Cell. For added compression, Re-tighten the compression straps after the air has been released.
  • Leave the device on for 15-20 minutes. Press the Air Release Valve once every 5 minutes to release any air that accumulates during the treatment to sustain optimal compression.

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